5. Feb, 2020

No Transfer from the Purple satin

Well the dye was well set in the purple fabric because there was no carrier dye on the print. As this will only be used as a print I decided to use Linda Kemshall's idea and enhance the print with watercolour. If I wanted to use this for something that would be washed then I would need to use something like inktense and then heat set but on this occasion I am still just playing so I just used my general watercolour paints and pallet and a fine bush. You can see the colour applied as a thin line at the top of the middle print. then I have carefully muted this with water away from the leaf print itself. Very much like I did with the boiled journal pages. This worked well because the fused watercolour paper underneath held the print firmly and allowed distribution of the colour under control with virtually no bleeding in the opposite direction