30. Jan, 2020

The Composition of Going Green Denpasar

This quilt is basically a diagonal design and to emphasise this I have placed this tree branch (a symbol of growth and green) reaching down from the top left toward the young woman who ists sorting the rubbish mountain. The leaves are fake leaves from a store display that eventually disintegrated and fell apart.
The tree branch is felted flat yarn. I have stitched the leaves with midrib and veins - backed onto black velvet so they almost sit flat. The flowers, which I have changed to a burgundy colour are actual hydrangea flowers hand stitched in an organa sandwich and then machine stitched around the petals and outside. They retain their colour very well and last indefinitely like this. I have stitched tiny seed beads in the centre and then just machine stitched around these beads so the flowers stand loosely free of the background. Well the quilt is finished and now I must submit the photos for jury selection. Fingers crossed. Depending on the outcome of the selection, eventually i will post the full quilt photo.