29. Jan, 2020

Almost There

A break from documenting the eco print experiments this morning and some comments on the art quilt I will submit for jury selection to Australian Patchwork and Quilting 2020. I cannot show the completed quilt before selection but I can give you some insight into the final stages of completion. Going Green - Denpasar is almost done now. Just the facings to attach and photograph for jury selection. Here is applying the foreground "rubbish" and some comments on correcting a composition error. This quilt has been made in layers and when I put it all together - it had looked fine when I laid the pieces on the base quilt - I felt that the individual components were floating on the surface and not a cohesive whole. I had originally made a piece of fabric by stitching lots of scraps and bits and pieces in a wash away sandwich but had then decided it overpowered the woman when this was used as the rubbish mountain. I moved to the more muted eco dyed wool rubbish mountain. So now I cut bits out of the original piece and strew then along the front of the piece making sure that they were not in a straight line. I placed wash away over the top because without it the pressure foot would get caught in all the little bits and pieces. I seemed like a simple job to random quilt over the top. However the depth of layers was just too much and after a whole packet of bent needles I decided I would hand stitch random lock stitches using a curved needle. Then the wash away was removed by sponging with cold water. This has not only integrated the pieces but has added another three dimensional look to the quilt. Maybe the judges will think it is too "rough" but it is part of the design feature and I am quit pleased with the result. The little sparks of colour from bits and pieces in the scraps also add interest and the texture, to me makes a statement about our consumer oriented, rubbish world.