26. Jan, 2020

A3 Panel one

I started with the tannin dipped fabric and this semi circular composition. The green leaves are hydrangea, the dark ones purple cotinus, the yellow flowers are coreopsis and at the top are a few hydrangea flowers. I hadn't thought of using hydrangea leaves before but Jane had some examples in the book with hydrangeas - I have quite a collection of these and I had a play with some earlier. I am not sure if the leaves themselves print or if it is the reaction between tannin and the raised veins that create the print. If you look carefully at the top of the picture you can see that already the tannin and iron are starting to leave the characteristic charcoal marks. I have found before that using an iron blanket with high tannin induced fabric can give an overpowering colouration so maybe just dipping the leaves in the tannin will counter such vigorous changes.