25. Jan, 2020

Preparation for Eco Printing a la Jane Dunnewold

There is a lot more preparation to printing this way as Jane advocates attaching the fabric to watercolor paper. I just used the cheap watercolor paper I had on hand for use as iron blankets but it seemed to work OK. I just have to handle it carefully as when wet this paper tends to tear more easily. I had decided to use my normal steamer method rather than the bundle method - though I will trial that also - mainly because I don't have anything I can steam in with a bundle larger than about an A5. I used misty fuse because I buy that by the roll and it is a good adhesive, but any iron on fusible would work. I fused the pre scoured and mordanted cotton onto A3 sheets of watercolor paper. The width of my fabric gave me 4 and 3/4 sheets. I had the two types of fabric that had been standard scoured and mordanted. One lot had then been soaked in my homemade tannin bath for 24 hours and the other in a 1:3 bath of soy milk for 24 hours. (See the earlier post on these). I used some soy milk that was past its used by date and it didn't seem to affect the results.