24. Jan, 2020

Working Through Botanical Print Compositions

I had a bit more energy yesterday morning so I set up the first of my Compositional experiments using ideas from Jane Dunnewold's book and some of my own ideas. The first thing I did was I made a ferrous sulphate stamp pad. I had purchased a glass container with a lid so that I can store this for future use. I put two layers of black felt in the bottom and then just poured some strong ferrous sulphate (same as I use for making the iron blankets) into the flet. This was used to dip the leaves in just like a stamp pad. It may be obvious to some but the idea of stamping the leaves is so that you can get the impression of the leaves without any staining of the surrounding fabric from the iron blanket. During steaming, the iron blanket imparts a grey/blue hue to the fabric which is quite nice if that is what you want but if You want just a clear impression this enables you to use the reaction of the iron without it bleeding too much during steaming.