23. Jan, 2020

My View As I Sew

As I sit at my machine creating all those little figure of eight quilting patterns on the teabags, I do look up from time to time and this is what I see. I have purposely set up my sewing machine so that if I need inspiration from nature or a rest for my eyes the view is wonderful. At the moment the agapanthus are in full bloom but soon I will need to dead head them so the seeds do not become invasive in parts of the garden where I do not want them. The dry limestone rock wall creates its own patterns and reminds me I do not need to worry about my quilt motifs being even - they represent the patterns on a stone wall too. The buxus hedge on top provides a strong lineal line and then the dark green agapanthus leaves topped with the blue and white mop heads complete the foreground. It is difficult to see into the bush area in this photograph, but during the day the light changes as it is filtered and shines through in patches bringing different parts of the bush area into releaf. I am almost tempted to try and recreate this in a quilt. There would be a fairly minimal palette but oh the textures that could be attempted!!!!