21. Jan, 2020

Testing Mordants

I am alway trying to get better and more precise leaf prints with my eco dying. While my energy levels are still quite low I decided I might try and set up a test with some mordant ideas from reading Jane Dunnewold's book the Best of Both Worlds.The cotton I have used has been previously scoured and mordanted but I wanted to see if there was a difference with the mordants used here. The tub on the left contains soy milk - 1 cup to 4 of water. This fabric has stayed pristine white. The tub on the right is the tannin water extracted from the outer bark of Robin's oak burl. I thought it would be quite dark in colour but once I rinsed it, the fabric became just off white so it will be a good test to see if this tannin is suitable for use in my ongoing art work. Each piece was placed in the mordant cold and left over night before I rinsed it.