11. Jan, 2020

The rubbish heap for the challenge Quilt

I started off with lots of bits of thread and fabric snippets and pieces of plastic bread bag sandwiched and stitched under wash away. And it was terrible. The scale and colourful bits and pieces overpowered the rest of the quilt. I am running out of time to get the top assembled before my surgery and I have just two weeks after I come home to complete the quilt for submission. I am working the next two days in the shop and then there are just two days before I go to hospital and I must spray the wandering jew weed in that time. Anyway I had this old eco dyed blanket ( a la India Flint) that I had made the bird house out of so I put two layers of polyester fabric under it and roughly quilted around some of the shapes. It is much better. Part of my personal challenge in this "Going Green" quilt is to use primarily repurposed materials so it fit the bill precisely.