8. Jan, 2020

Count Down

One week to go before my surgery and I am gradually getting the things checked off my list that I needed to get done before the surgery and ensuing convalescent period. I just discovered yesterday that I am not going to be able to drive for several weeks so now I need to find someone to do Grandma's groceries. We stocked her up yesterday so she should be OK for a couple of weeks. In the garden the agapanthus is in full bloom. They are a bit of a rogue and need strong handling so they don't get out of hand, including cutting off the seed heads before they mature and spread seeds everywhere in the garden. I have heard the first stirrings of the cicadas so no doubt by the time I come back I will be serenaded with the cacophony of their song. It is part of summer and reminds me how dry things are getting in the garden. Some rain would be really welcome. Although I have tried to move to a less water dependant planting, when the dry continues there are areas that need assistance and by the end of Summer the garden looks quite tired from the dry onslaught. I feel somewhat selfish when I think of the total destruction from the bush fires across the Tasman but I cannot abandon my garden.