4. Jan, 2020

Stitching on Flowers and Leaves

I am back to stitching on flowers and leaves in the evenings. Here are some samples I have made with them between layers of organza. I am experimenting (word for 2020) with the effects of different coloured organzas and threads on the various specimens. Most of these are hydrangea flowers because I know they will keep well and retain much of their colour when stitched this way. The larger leaf on the bottom left is a heuchera and the brighter pink flower on the bottom right is a geranium. The geraniums have to be stitched quite soon after picking or they fall to bits. I was quite surprised that the colour remained intact because as I stitched it, the petal was obviously bruised and I expected it to go brown but, as it dried out under the organza over the next couple of days, the colour has strengthened and it seems to be holding its own. Each individual piece will be machine stitched and then I will use a heat gun to cut the organza back close to the machine stitch. Then I will have to decide what I am going to do with them