1. Jan, 2020

Happy New Year

A Made by Barb patter. Yesterday I decided to have a go at making this little bird house. I used an old woollen blanket that I had dyed with Indiana Flint's method of making a bundle of leaves and bits of ron and immersing it in a vat and simmering for 2 hours. The colours are random and wonderful. I bought the pattern from Barb some time back -rather than recreate the wheel and work out my own process. I was amazed at how firm the structure became when as I stitched the three pieces together. At least I ended the year working on something from my art in 3 D and I am pleased with the result. The inner layer of this piece is just an undyed piece from the old blanket and after free machine stitching roughly cut out pieces the same shape but a little bigger than the pattern, I cut the pattern out to exact shape. I then cut out the little bird hole on one side and stitched the pieces together using six strands of brown embroidery floss. I was part way through the first side before I decided I also wanted to stitch around the hole - this would have been easier to do before the assembly was begun. But I am very happy with my little construction and now it can go out into the garden and we will see if the birds like it also.