31. Dec, 2019

New Year's Eve

Where did 2019 go.  I no longer make New Year Rsolutions but rather choose a word that wil impact my art work during the year.  In 2019 that word was EXTENSION and I had every intention of moving my work into more three D constructions like vessels, woven pine creations and stumo work.  I didnt do very well with that intention at all, though I did make the metal stitched vessesl in the photo.  So what will I choose for 2020?  I have to have surgery in mid January and I already know I will be about 6 weeks recuperating so maybe I can try out some of those ideas that didnt get to the drawing board this past year.  I have been putting this surgery off while Rob had his hip replacement and Grandma had her skin graft but I need to get it addressed now.  I am hoping it won't impact on my gardening too much.  So back to a worD for 2020.  I think I will choose EXPERIMENT and try lots of new things.  Both Kathy Hayes and Jane Dunnewold are offering interesting on line courses in the New Year but our dollar exchange rate has gone against us so it will be a matter of whether I can afford to do the courses.  And I am going to India - probably March if all goes well with the surgery - to join Colouricious on a printing tour.  In February I will do Joan Coates Perez workshop at Cutting Edge Textiles.  This is the lady who inspired me to start working with teabags from an article in Quilting Art s magazine.  So there is lots to look forward to.  Maybe I will even get brave enought o make an indigo vat and try batik indigo or shibori.