30. Dec, 2019

Back to the teabag fabric construction

I have found it is better to place each teabag and press under the baking sheet so that I don't get any "gaps which happened when I tried to lay out several teabags and then adhere them to the glue. I leave the tea in the bags until they are semi dried and that is what gives the mottled appearance to the work. The paler teabags have been donated from a friend who has removed the tea and washed the teabags straight after using. This background is going to be like a stone wall so I have been happy to use a variety of shades and mottles to help give texture. Some of the wall will have plants growing over it and the exposed teabags will have some quilting. Once I have the panel completed I will seal it with matt gel medium. You can see some of the teabags have a seam in them and I have made sure these are all placed downward. It seems appropriate to be be using old teabags in a quilt that represents "Going Green" Much of the quilt is recycled, reused or repurposed objects