28. Dec, 2019

And Now For the Background Fabric Creation

This is a rather tedious process but worth the effort and when the quilt is about "Going Green" recycling and using recycled materials in construction has an additional role to play. I begin with a piece of fabric the size I want to cover. I then cover this with Misty fuse - a sheet of heat activated glue. I use Misty Fuse because it comes in a roll that is easily sectioned off and it is easy to store. There are many other brands on the market - some with paper backing but I find in storage the paper often comes adrift and I am left with a tangle of web. As I use quite a bit of this I import the rolls direct from the supplier in the US. I often wonder what customs think when they x-ray my package - it is usually opened at customs. So here I am attaching the misty fuse to standard cotton material. I use a teflon baking sheet to stop the misty fuse sticking to my iron but baking paper works as well. It is easier to store and reuse the teflon sheet which is why I work with that. When all the fabric is covered in the glue sheet and heat stuck down I will begin adding the teabags. I hope I have enough!!!!