17. Dec, 2019

The Beginning of a New Thread Paint

It is such a joy to be back to thread painting and I will try and find a few minutes to work on this each day. If I get the quilt finished in time I will submit it for jury selection to the Australian Patchwork and Quilting group. It will have to be done by Feb so not much time. The theme this year is "Going Green" and I am working from a photo I took in Indonesia in July of a young woman sorting rubbish that was brought in by people puling hand carts to a transfer station. In the photo you can see my method of working. My little laptop with the photo zoomed in sits to the left of my work area. some of the threads I have selected to use are in from of that and the vilene with the cartoon (faced already stitched is under the machine. These days I have to have additional light to help me see where I need to use lighter or darker thread. This stitch portrait will be applied to a larger background with rubbish to the left of the lady but she will be the focal point and will probably be trapuntoed in the foreground. My concept is to have verdant greenery along the top with dried out roots stretching down toward the rubbish. Even if I don't make the deadline it will be an interesting concept to create. And the challenge for me is in the design and create process so I don't get upset if my pieces aren't accepted or don't win a prize when they do. I am well aware that from the judge's point of view my "finish" is not always perfect bur then I am creating a work of art and perfection lies in the eye of the beholder!