1. Dec, 2019

Delicate Boiled Paper Prints

So here are my dried papers. I think this would be better with good quality water colour paper (isn't it always) but I used some cheaper paper I had on hand that I use as an iron blanket in regular eco dying. The centerfold looks a bit fragile and as I was thinking of sewing down this to make an accordian book, I am wondering if it will hold. Maybe if i run a line of matt gel medium down it that will be enough to strengthen it a bit. But now I want to "work into" the pages. As Linda Kemshall says the prints are lovely and delicate but often lack definition because there is not sufficient contrast between the print and the background. You can buy her set of three videos from Design matters TV is you re interested in pursuing this. I will try and get some pages doen so that you can see the result.