17. Nov, 2019

Gyotaku Print 1

I must have learnt something from the first go at this as this round is more successful. Here is the raw print of the first run. I was quite careful in applying lime green fabric paint at the bottom of the fish and violet at the top. . Last time I tried this the fabric print was so disappointing but I think the paint was too thick and I didn't work the fish enough. I applied the paint directly onto the fish and then lightly spritz it with water, placed the fabric over the fish and manipulated it being careful not to move the fabric. I took particular care to work around the eyes, mouth and tail so that I would get a good definition of where these were at. I will touch up using my polychroma pencils to enhance the eye, outline and lines on the tail and fin but I am pretty pleased with this result. and then I was away trying out different paints and methods. You will note this is the mirror image of the actual fish in the print below. It took me some thinking to reverse the fish so I could have fish going in both directions.