16. Nov, 2019

Wow A New Record for me

Each week Simple site sends me the details of how many people have viewed my site the preceding week.  usually it around 1500.  I have never cracked 2000 but last week I hit a new record of 2328.  Thank you to all my regulars and to the new comers.  I hope you enjoy my ramblings and experiments.  I do try to post each day so sometimes a process is presented in stages over several days because I want to explore the process as well as the results and keep each step in its basis without overload or clutteing.  I began the blog as a reord to myself of how and what I ahiceved and as a challenge to post daily so that I developed a creative practice.  I have been trying to post daily for the past 2 years now and during that time my weekly hits have grown from less than 200 to this new amazing high.  It is gratifying to know people enjoy what I am doing but I also am aware that the practice is still very much a personal one to keep me focused and creating in a life that is often very complex and chaotic.  Last night my youngest daughter, Kim, who owns the Shoppington complex here in Te Kuiti, was in the finals of the Regional Business Awards so we all went to the awards dinner.  While she didnt get an award what she has achieved is pretty amazing and supporting her journey is very important to me.