16. Nov, 2019

Revisiting Gyrotaku

My husband is a keen fisherman and last time he went out he brought me this kahawai - about 12 inches long so that I could retry gyotaku - the japanese system for printing from real fish. Originally it was how they recorded their catch but now it is a bit of an art from. Last time I didnt to so well on fabric as the paint was too dry so this time I tried a few different things. I was able to use the cutout of the polystyrene sheet to stabilise the fish. This is my first go using textile paint. The gubby marks above the fish are on the polystyrene so they wont print. I took particular care to make sure I had plenty of paing in areas such as the gill opening, the mouth and the eye. I still expect to have to emphasise parts of the print with fabric pencils but I am keen to try a few different things here. On this take I have used lime green, violet and black textile paint.