15. Nov, 2019

And the Sunny Side of the Back Bank

This is looking in opposite direction to the sunny side of the bank. I have most of my bearded irises in this area and they have been particularly lovely this year. You will see I enjoy the contrast of shape, texture and colour in the garden as well as in my art work. This bank has a clay base and was very difficult to work on in the beginning as it was so slippery in the winter and dried out so much in the summer. I have been lucky enough to be able to get sawdust from a small mill (for free) and this has made the soil much more manageable but of course the soil is more acidic now so things like the irises need a dose of lime each year. When you stand at the bottom of the bank and look up at the hellebores in flower you look right into their blooms rather than having the drooping down as in the normal situation. Their leaves are lovely even when the flowers are gone and they certainly love it on this bank. Unfortunately so does buttercups and I am often out there at this time of year combatting their spread.