11. Nov, 2019

A garden Takes As Much A You Will Give

A garden takes as much or as little as you will give it and returns in coin with its abundance. At this time of the year I am busy transferring compost mulch from lawn and leaves onto the garden to keep weeds down and to retain moisture over the summer months. It had got quite dry for this time of the year until yesterday when the storm clouds opened and we have a god soaking. These beautiful old blue bearded irises are in full flower. These ones came from my my mother'n law's garden many years ago. I have a bt of a collection of irises and am always tempted when i see them for sale. I seem to have a lot of really dark rich coloured ones at the moment but the white one and sea breeze (a very pale blue have also been flowering magnificently. The new ones I purchased last year won't flower until next year so that will be exciting. They are growing OK so they obviously like it on the clay bank and they stand up nice and tall and the spear like leaves give a different texture to the other plants in the foreground and the trees further back