31. Oct, 2019


Last summer I decided to try planting out my heucheras in the garden as they are very picky over how much water they need over summer. I put them in the garden under the kitchen window and they have done well. There are a few late polyanthus still flowering and the pansies in the foreground are just starting to put up their little faces but I am quite pleased how the heuchera have come through the winter. I always lose a few over the winter so will start and break up some of the bigger ones and pot them up to have in reserve. The drak secret one (purple on the left) is a very vigorous grower while the lime marmalade just to its right needs more encouragement. Other ones in the photo include marmalade - one of the originals and aurora borealis which is the multicoloured in the right front. This winter the silvery coloured ones have struggled a bit but I see they are starting to come away in the pots in the enclosed gardens so hopefully they will soon be big enough to break up and encourage to grow. They are quite gross feeders so fertiliser brings them on really well. I use a product made in Taranaki called bioboost which is great for foliage and flowers and very affordably priced which is always a consideration when funds are limited. The back of this garden is quite dry and I am trying to reduce the amount of water used over summer so you can see I have planted some bromeliads at the back. They are epiphytes and grow naturally on trees in there original environment but grow quite happily in the garden and need less water than many other plants. They add quite a tropical feel to the mix and are interesting plant as they have sidelings and then once they flower the parent plant dies and the little ones grow on