24. Oct, 2019

Remember that red cabbage dyed linen

I finally found some time to eco print this. I had been looking at Jane Dunneworld's walk around her Houston exhibition and noted that she used hydrangea leaves - something I have plenty of but have never tried so off I went. The red are fresh red maple leaves and to the right of that is the hydrangea and to the right of that again fresh flowering plum leaves. The high tannin in the leaves at this time of the year does give such lovely colours. The squiggles are resist from some pieces of the ponga korus. I used a strong iron blanket so the background cloth is quite dark. I can hardly wait to get jane's new eco dyed book = The Best of Both Worlds. it is due out 15 November and I preordered it ages ago. I see she has made several framed prints so maybe I will try that also. Five days on the trot now with family commitments so I will post when I can