15. Oct, 2019

Playing with media

The last two days with Alysn was spend trying out different media techniques and I learnt heaps. I can't show this piece the right way up because the orientation on this site won't allow me to adjust the positioning. This is on a piece of rust dyed silk with blue and black crumpled photo paper that was then painted with acrylic. The trees in the foreground were created on calico by rough tearing a piece of sketchbook paper and then, with a fairly dry square brush, feathering from the paper onto the calico. I have cut them out with some calico still around them to give them better definition. The grasses in the foreground were made in a similar fashion but they are on sketch book paper and I cut roughly into the zigzag feathering at the tip. These would be fun to stitch into and make some little flowers with colonial knots . I sort of got growled at for this composition because we were supposed to be working on an abstract design - not a picture. Many of the techniques we tried could easily be done at home but it is finding the time to just experiment and understand how different mediums work together. I learnt so much over these two days.