9. Oct, 2019

Applying the Principles of Fibonacci

I sought of knew about the principles of Fibonacci but had never had a name for it so another learning piece. when you are basically self taught with a few workshops hear and there you sometimes miss these technical aspects of art. Anyway having selected my shape and proven the concept that my shape would stand on its own I decided I would need 5 panels to follow the principle. The earlier one of the heated metal I couldn't bear to change so decided i would use that just as it was. Panel 2 was also of copper shim and I stitched a basic scroll or koru patter and then covered the background with scribble stitches. It is amazing how easily the standard 80 needle pierces the shim and how much control that enables. I was a bit limited in colour choice as we needed to use standard polyester sewing thread and of course I had taken mainly my rayons in the colours I thought I might work in. Two panels done