8. Oct, 2019

Making the pattern for the 3 D Vessel Alysn Midgelow Marsden Course

To make our individual patterns for the stitching on metal shim we first had to make and prove that our shape had integrity and would stand alone. some of the class had quite complicated shapes that had inserts in the panels but i chose a relatively simple shape because I wanted to concentrate on the techniques. You can see my sketch book in the background with a drawing I did of a tulip and this was the basis for my shape. The end vessel was not as narrow at the base - not intentionally - but I think ultimately it made a more stable object as the ss mesh had less strength in standing than the copper shim I used. Once the shape had been decided we used the basic shapes as a pattern to cut out our metal base material before beginning to stitch. We left a small margin around the pattern that could be trimmed back later - I just left mine as it was which accounted for the slightly broader base to the finished product