5. Oct, 2019

Heating Metals Shim for Effect

I have been very detailed in making notes in my journal as these processes are way out of left field for me. The first page show copper shim samples - natural, heated quite a lot and then heated just a little. After they are heated they are plunged into a bowl of cold water which helps "soften the shim for stitching. The second page is stainless steel mesh (it is used commercially in filters). It is shown natural, pleated like in shibori. When doing this method it needs to be held at the end to get the colouration. The bottom sample is scrunched up before being held in the flame so you get varied patterns on the mesh. Of course all the pieces need to be held in the gas flame using plers so you do not burn your fingers. The ss mesh can be burned with patterns using a brulee torch or similar. I thin Rib has a little gas torch so I will be experimenting with that