3. Oct, 2019

Alysn Midgelow Marlow's Symposium Course Day 1

The first day was all about making samples and learning technique. This is copper shim heated for a short time over a gas flame and then plunged into cold water. If you heat for a long time it goes quite dark. Here you see the beautiful sunset colours that can be achieved if you carefully monitor the process. This shape is actually for my vessel which will be a tulip shaped vessel with 5 sides each showing a different technique. Originally this piece was to be used for reverse applique with cut away pieces to expose the underlying copper but I loved the colour way so much I wanted to keep this as a panel for future reference and reminder of the process. I worked on copper and fine metal sheeting like is used in filters. One of the great things about a course like this is you get to discover new that is out there and how it can be manipulated