29. Sep, 2019

Making the Breakdown screen

Using thickened dye coloured with procion dyes, we placed texture material under the screen and than squeezed the dye paster through the screen. You can see in my case I just used a couple of different wraps - the leaf shapes I just cut out for effect. some of the others used stencils or doilies or lace which all worked well. If you put a piece of soda ash mordanted fabric under neath you can end up with another serendipity fabric to use after repeated screen creations. I do this in my studio and have made some wonderful accidental fabrics this way. In doing this the fabric being printed either needs to be treated with soda ash or in our case, we added soda ash with the procion powder but the dye paste has a limited life if done this way. Once printed the screen must be allowed to dry before the breakdown process begins.