29. Sep, 2019

Making screens

Yesterday (Saturday) I attended a class at Cutting Edge Textiles in Ngaruawahia. The Class was on breakdown printing but we had to make screens to use and this has opened lots of possibilities for my own printing. We used old real estate coreboard and cut the first size and then cut 1 inch inside that. Each screen needed 3 layers of coreboard. We then stretched old curtain net over one of the screens and sandwiched these together to get enough depth. Then the "fun part began. Beginning with 1/2 inch or 12 mm we made the well by placing duct tape on the screen and rolling it around the stack. This had to be done both sides and then one over the edge of the screen to completely waterproof the boards. The duct tape is very sticky and while this sounds easy, the duct tape has a mind of its own and doesnt like to cooperate. In the corners we had to cut in so that we could push right into the corner.