27. Sep, 2019

Beautiful Lillies

These a considered a bit of a rogue plant in New Zealand because they can easily become invasive if not controlled but I think they are just so beautiful and wonderful as an art inspiration. One of the quilts in my "to be finished pile" is a quilt with these lilies on it. It is in a technique that I haven't progressed but now I have conquered the saboteur who kept me from finishing things with the adage that something that is not finished cannot be criticised I will get on and finish those UFOs. Of course I do need to have some creative time when the family are not clamouring for this or that. I have some ties to put on some commercial aprons and a whitebait net to finish and then I should have all the family jobs out of the way at least for a while and I have even done the worst of the jobs in the garden so I can feel a good time of creativity coming my way - Of course next week is Quilt symposium and I am doing Alysn Midgelow-Marsden's two classes using metals and all sorts of embellishments so I will be completely out of my comfort zone but it should also be fun and maybe take me in new directions.