20. Sep, 2019

And The Result

It looks greyer in this photo than the original but here is the result of the fabric dyed using the red cabbage water. I have never achieved a result like this using natural vegetable dyes before. The fabric is a piece of scoured linen mordanted in tannin and then alum. It has been low immersion dyed in a plastic bag in the microwave, line dried (in the sun) and then ironed. It remains to be seen if the colour lasts or fades but I am so pleased with this result that I have some old beetroot that have gone a bit woody that I think I will try and dye another piece of fabric with. But I will have to mordant the fabric first. I have a large length of cotton that has been scoured but it needs mordanting before dying. I am also interested to see what would happen if I eco dyed the fabric above with leaves.