17. Sep, 2019

Loropetalum Iceberg

Yesterday I had to take Tamra to hamilton to a Face to Face session for her level 4 First in Line Management programme. While she was at her course i decided to go back to the Hamilton Gardens whihc is such a wonderful resource. this plant was in the Chinoiserie Garden - that is an adaptation of oriental style adopted by 18th and 19th century Europeans. I though this little fair flower was some type of grevillea but later when I went to a plant supply outfit I discovered it was a loropetalum. I have the dark leafed, pinky/purple flowered one and it is good for eco dying so I decided to buy this one for my home garden. It is so delicate in its flowers and I am assuming I will get some light yellow to lime prints from the leaves but we will have to wait and see for that