15. Sep, 2019

A bit of a technique Junkie

Or maybe it is more serendipity. I have been pondering how to create the textures I want to introduce in my quilt for Going green. On the left hand side of the quilt I envisage having some bare roots coming down into the rubbish area from the greenery at the top and I have been thinking about how I could create the texture that I wanted. And then I came across Jaynie Crimmins work. She creates art from junk mail shredded and rolled up and then placed onto a wire armatage. You can see her work on www.jayniecrimmins.com. While I wasn't wanting to create anything as elaborate as her sculptures, I am always interested in ways to incorporate recycling in my art quilts and of course I use tea bags a lot. I had some teabags drying on the kitchen windowsill and they had been bleached to about the colour I wanted for the dried out roots. That was enough. I rolled the teabags diagonally and stuck them down with a bit of glue - much like making fabric beads. Then I threaded them onto some thin wire. They will need to be sealed with gel medium but you can see the effect above so now I know how I am going to make the exposed roots. I just have to decide how I am going to attach them. I love to have some texture and these will be very textural and authentic looking as well as a unique way to get the effect I was looking for