12. Sep, 2019

Quilting Closeup

Here is a closeup of the quilting on yesterday's post. I am drawn to quilting and texture art by both colour and texture and this is a great example of using a myriad of textural quilt designs in contrasting colours and patterns to support the boldness of the image. I still tend to fill one area in a set quilt pattern in free machine quilting but the quilter has thrown this convention to the wind and created a myriad of shapes and directions which support the overall composition. I will be keen to try this in a quilt soon - maybe one of my UFOs that wait to be quilted in sheet form. Until I learnt to free machine quilt I was not very productive in finishing off quilts that I had finished the tops of and I didn't want to have someone else quilt them because then I felt I lost ownership of the quilt. Quilt by hand is a slow process and my fingers do't thank me for that these days. Free machine quilting has given me the ability to do extensive quilting without pain from the arthritis in y thumbs - but I still like to make new projects so my intention is to finish one quilt for every new quilt I make. I will get there, the stash is getting smaller