8. Sep, 2019

And here are some of the "books"/boxes I made

The orange and green contraption is an explosion book and folds up to look like a square book. Of course I haven' put anything in these yet and I have just used different coloured paper to show where they are joined. These can be quite large and one of the ladies had one she had done as a memory of a visit to Christchurch. Of course this group is largely a print maker group so many of the creations were made using reject print papers. My boxes were made with reject print paper. The explosion book actually fits inside the larger box. I really wanted to perfect the box idea as it has lots of uses I can think of and being able to make the lid that fits is so easy. It is all in the folds. The tutor had made a butter box to commemorate the felling of the kaihikatea forests on the haurak Plains to make butter boxes for export during the first world war. That sparked an immediate response from me as I live in a house that is built on the foundations of the old Limedale Butter Factory so it would be a nice idea to make something similar to commemorate the butter factory. In its time it was one of the most progressive cooperatives in the world but it barely known of now even in our local community. I would have to work out how to make a rectangle box but now I have the idea I am sure that shouldn't be too hard