22. Aug, 2019

My Life is Often Very Chaotic

This shades of grey pieced fabric is a very good example of how chaotic my life gets at times. It was made as the background for a lily quilt several years back. After make the background which is designed for the lighter stripes to be at the top (like rain drops falling down, I made the lily flowers and leaves in appliques with fine net over the top. And then I couldnt find this piece of fabric. The whole project was shelved for quite a long time - more recently I had hunted out some charcoal fabric which I thought I would just mount the lilies on because I wanted to get them out of my UFO pile. Between being the 0800 number for Grandma, my husband's past medical requirements, working two days a week in the shop. caring for a 16 year old grand daughter, being the got person for acting costumes for grandies, and my garden and house, sometimes my art and expression sometimes gets put on hold - which is why I started this blog. Because this way I need to turn up with something creative on an ongoing basis. It grounds me, Anyway I was hunting for some fabric to make a waistcoat for Toad of Toad Hall and guess what I found. I will be motivated now to finish this piece off. I knew it was somewhere, but in the chaos that sometimes becomes my sewing area I culdn't find it when I looked.