21. Aug, 2019


It is drama competition time again for my eldest daughters three children and wile I am longing to get into something more personally creative I am making stage costumes. Here is the mop cap I just finished. It was a simple process without a pattern. I tok and 18 inch square of calico. found the centre and then using a tape measure marked a 9 inch series of marks from the centre. I then did a second round 2 inches in. I cut out and stitched on the lace and then hand threaded some narrow lace around the mark at 2 inches. This way the gathers can be pulled up and adjusted so if different ids want to use this in the future the hat can be adjusted to fit them. I have made a pair of checkered pants for Toad of Toad Hall from Wind in the Willows and have then a waistcoat for Toad to finish. The top tension plate on my Pfaff has given up so it will have to go to the service man and so I have pulled out the Janome. It is a very heavy machine and I need to find the box of feet that go with it. Just when I was getting to the stage of being able to go back to my own creative stuff!!! lol!