17. Aug, 2019

Slow Stitch

I had seen this book by Clare Wellesly-Smith on several sites so when it came up on an online auction at less than a quarter of the published price I decided to be in. It is an interesting read - not so much a how to book as as exploration of how textiles from reused items have evolved. The slow movement is a push back from the instant digital social media world of distraction and is something I have always encompassed in my daily routine. If you have been following me for some time you will be well aware that many of the processes/projects I undertake are not quick finish items and although I use a sewing machine extensively for embellishment and free machine quilting and embroidery I do some thing with hand stitch. It is a change of rhythm and working with the seasonality of local things that are stressed in this book. Eco dying and using old linens as backgrounds are some of the things that are part of this philosophy and they are explored within the text and photos of the book. Maybe I have enjoyed it because it reiterates my philosophy in a world gone crazy for immediacy although I do not know if I will ever get to the kantha (india) or Boro (Japanese) created testiles which began for utilitarian make and mend purposes