11. Aug, 2019

Toko Central

A craft persons dream. This is in Dempassar and is three floors of threads, lace, beads, buttons, artifical flowers, needles, scissors etc. Our agent always laughs that he will wait for 3 hours when I go in and is always amazed that I am quite timely because now I know what I am looking for. This is where most of the locals source their materials from. I always stock up on rayon embroidery thread here for my machine embroidery. I was specifically looking for skin tones this time. I also shouted myself a pair of mundial scissors because good scissors are a must even if using rotary cutting and in my house anyone caught using the "red" scissors risk the death penalty and mucial are such good scissors. So Deden didn't wait too long. I also got some black felt because I am using that quite a lot as wadding and surrounds in some of the work I am doing