8. Aug, 2019

Artha Dharma - Singaraja

My friend Tukde tok me to visit this traditional weaving place in Singaraja. There aim is to keep the traditions of the ikat looms alive and make incredible textiles. Each piece is 2 m long and they have won many awards. The threads are all eco dyed and they work in both cotton and silk. Most of their work is sold to collectors all over the world and no two pieces are ever the same. I am not a weaver, but it was a very special privilege to be welcomed into their work rooms. Around 50 women do the weaving but not all are in the workroom - some work fro home. The work is of such a fine and delicate nature. It takes an hour to weave 50 cm. Some pieces are batik or hand painted after weaving. All are a traditional pattern. I was offered to have a turn at the weaving but with such dexterity I was afraid if I made a mistake it would be irretrievable so I preferred to watch and have the owner explain the patterns and works to me. He was delighted that I took an artist interest in what the women were creating. some of the patterns have been patented for the exclusive use and development of Atha Dharma