26. Jul, 2019

Blocked sink

You don't realise how much you use the sink till you can't use it (or the dishwasher) because the outlet is blocked. I spent many hours trying to come up with a solution and finally got the plumber in. What did he do. He put the garden hose up the outlet pipe until he met resistance. We flushed out some ugly black stuff and it seemed to be working fine. But he didnt check the bend under the sink before he left and when I ran water down the sink the joints all leaked so I had to get his to come back and fix the problem. I am not looking forward to the bill even though it was a simple fix but Rob has been working way too many hours and not around to help solve the problem. And I am off to Indonesia for Shoppinton on Monday and working Saturday and Sunday so I needed a fix pronto!!!! I love this place but 100 year old homes do have their problems from time to time