24. Jul, 2019

A Temperature Balnket

Here is Helen displaying her temperature blanket. I thought this was a really novel idea and while knitting is not my favourite textile pursuit these days I think I might give this a go. You find out the maximum temperatures over the year for your location and to each temperature you allocate a colour. Helen has used reds and oranges for the Summer months and blues and greens for the winter. Then each day you knit two rows of garter stitch in the colour for the maximum temperature for that day. Helen had 300 stitches across and used double knit wool and circular needles. She has spent most of her year in China. I have already researched the maximum temperature ranges for the Waitomo area and there are 11 options. Now I just need to select the wool and go for it. Can I manage two rows of knitting a day - I might just make a knee rug and have 200 stitches a row. But it is a cute idea