19. Jul, 2019

Experiment stage 2

I used a stencil to draw a pattern on the back of each pile of painted sheets. I have used the same stencil to try and get a good idea of how the different products work in the heating process. I used a sharpie pen to get clear lines because I need to stitch along them so that those places hold when I heat the tyvek which should wrinkle and go to holes to show the various coloured layers through to the top. I drew around the outside of the stencil as a border and then touched up the imprint to join up various parts so it was easier to stitch. for example the outer circle became just a circle and the next layer in became a continuous arc with a bleep out to the outer circle. It is quite a lot of work setting this up so I hope I am not disappointed. I am off the the Waitomo Society of Arts Winter retreat this afternoon so there may not be a post tomorrow - depending on internet access and how engrossed I become in the chill out time. It will be wonderful to have some time where I don't have to cook or worry about family and just indulge with like minded acquaintances. I am taking my old leaf/new leaf stitchery for show and tell. Unfortunately I have to work sunday so I will be home Saturday night but the break will be so welcome