11. Jul, 2019

Production style

Now that I have made the first fish and am happy with the process, I have decided to create the fish production style to save constant changing of the threads. Here I am outlining the main components with the heavier 40 gauge cotton. I started off with the organza in a hoop but quickly found the hoop interfered with my ability to stitch easily close to the hoop. My Pfaff machine has a walking foot which is great when you want to use it but makes movement within ooped work moree limited. So here I am with the weighted hoop which isn't attached to the fabric. I only learnt to use this last year at the quilt and craft show and must admit I don't use it very often. Most of my machine embroidery is done on either canvass or vilene backed cotton and I find I can manage without a hoop or weight to stitch it without puckets.