5. Jul, 2019

The Second Eco Piece Stamped

I wasn't so radical with this piece. The more solid colours are the eco prints and then I have used the leaf thermofax and a foamy stamp with thickened eco dyes over the top of the eco print. The pinky ones are cochineal and the darker ones are logwood. If you look carefully you can still see the cochineal tracery of the original thermofax screen in the centre. I think thermofaxing on top of the eco prints, if that is what I want to do, works best although using a different type of print medium (not eco dyes) might work OK this way. I have had some interesting effects using commercially printed fabrics that I have scoured and mordanted prior to eco printing and my aim here was to create my own under design fabric to use in that way. I still have some of the commercially prepared fabric that I might try printing in the next few days. The commercial prints often scour right out although the white on white scoured fabric gave a good print over the white patterning. It was quite busy though