29. Jun, 2019

A New Eco dye Experiment

After a week running around after various family members and vehicle requirements, I finally got a few minutes to set up a new trial for a different eco dye experiment. Here I am ready to go. I have taped my mordanted cotton onto the pad in my studio and and I am going to thermofax screen onto the fabric using natural cochineal thickened dyes. Once the thermofax is dry I will over print the thermofax imprint with leaves in the normal way. I have chosen a delicate thermofax pattern - Arctic Circle - from Jane Dunnewold's studios as it will contrast with a tracery with the bolder leaves on top (hopefully). The dye is quite thin so should go through the thermofax quite easily. I use and old credit card as a squeezy if you are wondering what the card in the bottom left is for.