26. Jun, 2019

Do you believe in seredipity

If you've been following my daily rambles for a while you will know that I was a participant in the UK based eco dying project How Far Does the Hand Reach. One of the UK participants included in her piece a rubbing from the carving on her lintel. It was of the seed of life. I had seen the design before but her explanation sent me off on a search for the history/meaning on the intertwined circles. And then I got Jane Dunnewold's newsletter and right there on her blog was the details to a short course on the seed/flower of life. I was intrigued so I decided to see where this would lead. I learnt how to make the interconnected circles - 7 of them with a constant radius. I learnt that there was such a thing as a locking compass soI went in search of one of those so my radius would not alter. So here is attempt 1 in my Winter themed journal that I started earlier in the year. Just past our winter solstice the seed of life and the winter journal seemed to have something in common. I feel I am walking down a path that has new beginnings and meanings for me as a result of the universe throwing up these random but connected ideas