24. Jun, 2019

A Family Affair

My youngest daughter has a cluster of stores as you enter Te Kuiti. Smarty Pants is a kids store with old fashioned toys (not digital) with lots of developmental focus. Kim is developing a kids activity area on the front lawn with fun things for kids to do and try and for safety she wanted to put a perimeter fence around the lawn but something that wasn't just a fence. Here is the result a collection of brightly coloured pencils at various heights that doesn't hinder view into the shop itself. Our icon Freddie the Frog sits proudly on top of the shop name and he has a wardrobe of things that are attached at certain times of the year. Usually he is sporting skis and a hat at this time of the year but with the fence construction that has been on the back burner. Kim had the concept for the fence, Rob drew up on his CAD programme Leigh and Kim did the painting and all three assembled and organised the placement of the fence sections